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Free Gravesite Delivery Included With Every Order
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How To Pick The Perfect Cemetery Flowers


When a loved one passes, one of the things we often do is take flowers to the cemetery. It is a way to show respect for the person who has passed away, and it can also be a comfort to the family members who are grieving. 

If you have never picked out flowers for a cemetery before, it can be tricky to know what to choose. In this blog post, we will give you tips on how to pick the perfect flowers for a cemetery visit.

Know The Cemetery Rules

Fort snelling cemetery

This is the first and most important step when picking cemetery flowers. Make sure that you call ahead or look up the cemetery's website to see what types of flowers they allow in their cemeteries. Most national cemeteries will not allow potted plants, large arrangements, or anything that is not biodegradable.

Real or Artificial Flowers?

Artificial roses

This question often comes up when sending flowers to a cemetery. In our opinion, it honestly depends on what you are comfortable with. If you feel more comfortable using real flowers, then, by all means, use them!

However, if you think artificial or silk flowers will last longer or look better for a longer period, then go for those! There is really no perfect answer to this question.

We love real flowers because they are natural. However, you may need to consider other factors before choosing them. For instance, we like to consider the season, weather and climate because, in a colder climate, real flowers might not be the best option, especially around Christmas time when real flowers would most likely freeze before they even make it to the cemetery.

Important Things To Know Before Making Your Decision

If you decide to choose silk flowers, note that cemeteries have rules about what you can use for decorations, and some of them may prohibit silk flowers.

Also, remember that when using real flowers, they will only last around a week to ten days which means you or someone else will have to go back and replace them again.

If you don't live close by, silk flowers may be your perfect option because they maintain their original looks.

When Is The Appropriate Time To Take Flowers?

Fort Snelling Cemetery

If you plan on taking flowers, the perfect time to do so is when there are few visitors at the cemetery. This would be something like a weekday morning because most people typically visit cemeteries around weekends and holidays. You may feel awkward visiting your loved one if someone else is near their gravesite as well.

It is also important to consider other visitors as well. Remember to be respectful of other people who are visiting their loved ones. Don't walk in front of them or stand too close to the headstone. Also, try to find a spot where there is enough space for others and place your flowers down gently.

Need A Fort Snelling Flower Delivery Service?

A bunch of flowers standing next to a gravestone

Do you want special flower arrangements for the graves of your loved ones at fort Snelling who have passed? We deliver exclusively to Fort Snelling National Cemetery 365 days a year. If placing flowers personally might be difficult for you, we can help you do this. All you will have to do is choose the months, and we will do the rest.  

During the winter months, we use artificial flowers. From Veterans Day until Christmas, we deliver two different styles of wreaths. Once the arrangement is placed, we send you a photo to share with friends and family.

Various Types Of Flowers And Their Significances

Red Roses

Flowers come in various types and colors. Along with this, they bear unique significances that fit different occasions.  Below are some common flowers and their meanings: 

Roses: Yellow roses are perfect for friendship, while red rose symbolizes love.

Carnations: These are perfect flowers to send because they have a long life span. They come in many different colors, so you can choose the one that matches your loved one best.

Tulips: Tulips are perfect for spring. They come in many different colors, which is perfect if you want to send a variety of flowers!

Lilies: Lilies are perfect because they symbolize life, beauty and renewal. Purple lilies represent love while orange ones represent passion or pride.

Iris: These flowers symbolize wisdom and hope. They come in many different colors perfect for any special occasion!

Asters: These flowers symbolize patience and perfect to send if you are going through some sort of trial in your life. They also come in many different colors perfect if you want to send a variety of flowers!

It is best to pick graveside flowers that fit the occasion, in this case, going for a cemetery visitation to honor your late loved one. If you are still unable to decide on what to pick, select favorite flower of your late loved one. 

What Is The Perfect Style Of Flower Arrangement To Use?

We recommend a Wreath Arrangement Style. Wreaths are traditionally placed at funerals as symbols of life, death, and the soul's immortality. A wreath is common at a gravesite because it symbolizes optimism that the spirit has passed on and is no longer bound by the body's death. Some arrangement types, such as headstone saddles, a cemetery vase, and flower pots, are not allowed at fort snelling cemetery.



Wreaths lined up at fort snelling cemetery

It can be hard to know what to choose for cemetery flowers, but by considering the person's life and what they loved, you can make a beautiful and fitting tribute. 

If you're not sure where to start, our team can help you choose the perfect funeral flowers for your loved one. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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