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Free Gravesite Delivery Included With Every Order
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How To Select Funeral Flowers For A Man

The death of a husband or father is, without a doubt, one of the most trying situations any of us will ever face. Flowers are just one way we can say goodbye to or honor father figures in our lives. In this blog post, we will discuss the best types of funeral flower arrangements for men.


What Color Flowers Are Appropriate for A Man's Funeral?


A bunch of Tulips


Traditionally, men's colors have been darker, bolder hues such as eggplant, violet, burgundy, maroon, russet, or dark blue. However, there's no reason you can't choose more vibrant colors if the man had a powerful and larger-than-life personality.


Red, Blue And White Flowers


Colourful blue blossoms


Finding the appropriate funeral flowers for males isn't difficult, as there are several alternatives. If the deceased's favorite color was red, you could choose two or three different kinds of red flowers. Red and white flowers are another possibility. If he was a patriot, you could select roses, white calla lilies, and blue daises to express your admiration for his patriotism, especially if he served in the military.


Bright Colors For Flowers


If you choose not to go for conventional funeral flower colors for men, be sure to opt for a bright yellow color. Other hues that may work well include orange, dark pink, saffron, pale blue, lavender, or green.


Types of Funeral Flowers For Men


A multi-coloured flower bouquet


There are several varieties of funeral flower arrangements for men. Flowers with particular meanings make up a few traditional kinds of flowers. If you're having trouble deciding which sort of flower to send, think about the meanings. A few popular types of and sympathy flowers for men include:

  • Easter lilies (trumpet lilies) are regarded as a religious emblem of Jesus Christ and the Resurrection.

  • The open, calyx-free flower of the Calla lily is a popular funerary flower associated with innocence and rebirth.

  • The White Stargazer is a traditional symbol of condolence. 

  • Carnations are popular flowers, particularly for males, and symbolize remembrance.

  • Because gladioli are tall flowers that are symbols of integrity, they are frequently seen in funeral sprays.

  • Men's funerals frequently feature chrysanthemums, which are considered symbols of grief and sorrow.




We have decided to create a separate section for roses because they are frequently chosen as casket flowers. The meanings of rose colors must be considered before picking a specific hue. White roses mean purity, innocence, and spirituality.  Red and Yellow roses are two of the most popular floral tributes. Below we discuss their meanings:

  • Red roses are the symbol of deep love and heartbroken grief. 

  • Yellow roses are the symbol of a dear friend and a good choice to send a man who was a close.

Other Types Of Floral Arrangements

Flowers are not the only type of funeral floral arrangement for men. Below we discuss others:


Casket Sprays


A funeral or casket spray is a floral arrangement that is designed to be displayed on a casket. There are many different types of funeral sprays for men, so it's important to select the most appropriate one for the deceased. Some popular funeral sprays for men include casket sprays and standing sprays.


Funeral Wreaths


Funeral wreaths


A funeral wreath is an arrangement of flowers that is typically circular or oval in shape. It is designed to be placed on the lid of a casket or at the gravesite. There are many different types of funeral wreaths for men, but some of the most popular include:

  • The Sprig Wreath is made from fresh evergreen sprigs and berries and is often used as a Christmas wreath.

  • The Biedermeier Wreath features natural materials such as pinecones, branches, and leaves.

  • The Looped Wreath has an interesting twisted design that makes it stand out from other traditional funeral wreaths.

  • The Willow Wreath gets its name from the willow twigs used to create the wreath. This type of funeral wreath is often used to decorate a coffin.

When selecting a funeral wreath for a man, it's important to choose one that reflects his personality and interests. If you're not sure what to choose, our experts at Fort Snelling Cemetery Flowers can help you select the perfect funeral wreath for your loved one.

Fort Snelling Cemetery Flowers


Fort Snelling


If you're looking for the ideal place to get floral tributes for your deceased loved ones at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Look no further than Fort Snelling Cemetery Flowers.

We provide a large selection of flowers and flowers arrangements, and our staff is well-versed in creating lovely and inspirational displays at funerals.

We frequently utilize a wide range of colors and flowers. And the flowers will generally be delivered two days before the event or occasion. If you have any special requests, such as same-day flower delivery, please contact us for more information.

At the end of every delivery, we take a photo for you to share with friends and family. Photos are usually sent via email or a photograph via USPS if requested.



Fort snellling cemetery


There are many different types of funeral flowers that can be sent to a man's funeral. When choosing a color, it is important to consider the meaning of that color. Roses are often chosen as funeral flowers for men because they represent passion and grief. Easter lilies, calla lilies, and Stargazer lilies are also popular choices for funerals. If you're looking for a place to buy cemetery flowers for a man's funeral, feel free to contact us today!






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