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Free Gravesite Delivery Included With Every Order
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Cheap Funeral Flowers | Funeral Flower Arrangements For Fort Snelling Cemetery

Funeral flowers are a vital part of the funeral ceremony. They can be used to commemorate the life of the deceased, show support for the bereaved, and bring comfort and hope in a difficult time. This article will discuss some tips for saving money on funeral flowers, give some examples of cheap sympathy flowers, and finally, where to get funeral flowers for your loved ones at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.


What Are Some Tips For Saving Money On Funeral Flowers?

Flowers on a casket.

There are a few tips that you can use to save money on funeral flowers. One way to save money is to buy in bulk. Buying in bulk can help you get a discount on the total purchase price of the funeral flowers. 

Another way to save money is to purchase flowers that are in season. Seasonal flowers can be found at a fraction of the cost of out-of-season flowers.  Asides from seasonal flowers, we also recommend purchasing cheap funeral sprays. Cheap funeral standing sprays are a great way to get a unique flower arrangement at a low cost.

Finally, you can also consider using a local florist. A local florist can deliver your flowers directly to the funeral home or memorial service, and this often costs less than using florists located far from the funeral service.

Great Examples Of Cheap Funeral Flowers To Buy

A bunch of rose flowers 

Flowers come in a variety of prices. While some may cost more than others, there's no need to spend extravagantly without cause. All flowers are lovely and meaningful in their own way.

Here are some inexpensive funeral flowers that you can purchase:


Daisies represent childhood purity, as well as loyalty and love. They are also used in the popular metaphor "pushing up daisies," which alludes to death. It's an excellent way to commemorate the passing of someone who didn't take life too seriously.


 Carnations are a sign of luck and are also used to represent deep love. They're one of the most popular funeral flowers because they can show so many different emotions.


 Chrysanthemums on a grave stone

Chrysanthemums, or 'mums' as they are commonly known, are often used to represent the death of a loved one. This flower is associated with death, especially in France, where it is used to honor All Souls' Day, a day for the remembrance of the dead. The most popular colors are crimson, pink, and gold.

Baby's breath

Baby's breath is often used in corsages and bouquets. It can represent innocence and purity. It's a beautiful way to honor someone who was taken too soon.


The rose is a very popular and appropriate funeral flower. Each hue has its own significance, with red roses being the traditional sign of love, yellow signifying friendship, pink representing appreciation and gratitude, and orange denotes passion. In a more elaborate funeral tribute or floral bouquet, roses may be combined with other blooms, leaves, berries, and sprigs.


Sunflowers are known for their cheery disposition and are often used to represent good luck. They can also be used as a symbol of remembrance.


Since ancient times, lilies have been used to represent purity and innocence. Today, they are used in funeral arrangements to symbolize the return to integrity of a person's soul after death.

Ivy Flowers

Ivy Flowers are known for its strength and endurance. It can be used to represent eternal life or immortality.

As you can see, there are a variety of flowers that are cheap to purchase. You can find funeral flowers to fit any budget, and they will all be meaningful and beautiful. All of the flowers above are a great way to show your support and love for the bereaved without breaking the bank. 

Where To Get Affordable Funeral Floral Arrangements In Fort Snelling

Head stones at fort snelling  

If you're searching for the ideal spot to buy affordable funeral flowers for a special occasion or to commemorate your departed loved ones at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, look no further than Fort Snelling Cemetery Flowers.

We offer a large selection of cheap funeral arrangements, and our staff is well-versed on how to create stunning and inspirational tributes at burial sites. For our bouquets, we use a wide selection of colors and sorts of flowers. 

Your flower arrangement will generally be delivered two days before your event or occasion.  Please note any special requirements such as flower types, same-day delivery, or colors in the comment section when you place your order. Also, include all of the deceased's names. If possible, provide the location and section number of the deceased. 

Once your flowers have been delivered, we will provide a photo for you to share with friends and family.

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